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Whether you are the lucky man getting married or whether you are the best man who has been charged with the responsibility of planning the perfect stag night for your friend, let The Stags Head be your ultimate resource for a night to remember.

The Stag Night is a long-held tradition during which the man who is about to get married is treated to a night out with all of his friends to celebrate his last few nights of unwed freedom. While in the past most men were satisfied with a few drinks at the local pub on the night before the wedding, today stag nights have taken on epic proportions, with friends planning ever more unusual and exotic events for the groom. From weekend long adventures to breaks abroad, that means that the pressure is on for the best man to come up with ever-more exciting suggestions for stag activities. That's where our fun and helpful site can help. We bring you everything you need to know about arranging an unforgettable stag do for the men of the wedding party, from unusual gift ideas for the bridegroom to planning tips. If you need inspirational suggestions for games or activities to enjoy on the special night, or step by step guidelines to preparing for a mammoth night of entertainment, this handy site will point you in the right direction. Share your videos and pics from your epic stag night on our gallery or have a good laugh browsing through the photos of other people's great nights out. You can even read stories of fabulous and funny stag nights to inspire you in your planning, or maybe to help you know what to avoid!

It's our mission to make planning the best stag night ever a breeze, so whether you're up for a low key event with just a few guys or whether you're responsible for getting the entire wedding party safely to Amsterdam and back, we aim to give you all the help you could possibly need.


5 Things You Never Knew About Stag Nights

If you are arranging a stag night for a friend or relative, you might be interested to know these fun facts:

1. The average amount spent per person on a stag night is £153, so you'd better get saving!

2. The peak season for stag parties is between May and July when 50% of all events are held, so if you're arranging a stag night for that time of year, you'd better make your bookings sooner rather than later!

3. 90% of stags wake up on the morning after their stag do completely hungover, so make sure to plan your event for a few days before the wedding to give the groom time to sober up!

4. 71% of stags go to a nightclub or bar as part of their stag night. 48% of stags also go for a meal – hopefully beforehand to mop up some of the alcohol!

5. The good news is that 88% of stag party organisers report that the event went entirely according to expectations at the end of the night.

6. In case you mess it up in some degree at your stag party, don't panic! You wife will forgive you if you buy the best Valentine's gift for her and make that day very special and romantic! Just be prepared!

From our blog:

How To Organise a Memorable Stag Party


As the best man you're responsible for organising a memorable stag party to go down in history. It's a mammoth task even if you want it to be low key. Here's a step by step guide to help you :


First you need to find out who's going. If there's any awkwardness around obligations, ask the groom if the individual in question will make the stag do better, or if their absence will make the groom feel bad. If the answer is yes, they're invited. Then all you need to do is contact the men to see if they're wanting to join the stag party.
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Interesting Gift Ideas For The Bridegroom

Weddings are a wonderful celebration of a couple's love for each other. Whilst many get sentimental for the bride, the groom may like a little romance on the day too. A beautiful gift for your bridegroom will be a treasured keepsake through the years and forever be seen as a symbol of the love and commitment you share as a couple.
Whilst you may want to give him a watch that will help get him to the church on time or a hip-flask to help with his nerves...
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Top Ideas For Stag Party In Dublin, Ireland

Everybody loves a Dublin stag party. Dublin is known worldwide for its young, vibrant night-life and friendly locals. With a vast range of macho activities and opportunities to explore, your stag party will be one to remember.

Where to stay

For your Dublin stag, stay close to world famous Temple Bar with its many stag friendly pubs, classy bars, casinos and great clubs. Other good locations...
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The Stags Head Team – Who are We?

Carl and Gavin first met at Northumbria uni where Carl was studying tourism and events management and Gavin was taking a course in computer science. The two hit it off straight away and spent many nights getting familiar with the pub and club scene in Newcastle, a location that has long been popular with stag parties. After leaving university, Gavin went on to a day job as a network systems analyst while Carl took up an events management role at a hotel in the city centre.

As part of his role, he was often responsible for overseeing the running of stag weekends and helping clueless parties who had failed to plan properly find the best activities, restaurants and clubs to ensure an unforgettable experience. He also saw close up the consequences of a less than spectacular stag night. It was this first hand experience that first planted the seeds of The Stags Head website in his head, but it wasn't until he was given the responsibility of planning his brother John's stag weekend that the plan really took root.

After arranging a successful weekend for the boys in Edinburgh covering a huge range of activities from clay pigeon shooting and quad biking to a whisky tour of top distilleries, as well as organising a pub crawl along the famous Royal Mile, he finally took the bull by the horns and approached his old friend Gavin. Combining Gavin's computer know-how with Carl's event management experience, the pair finally launched The Stags Head with the aim of making planning the perfect stag do easier than ever.

Embracing both the serious and funny sides of the stag night, this dynamic duo have a mission to make sure that everyone has the best pre-conjugal night of freedom before their big wedding day.





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