How To Organise a Memorable Stag Party


As the best man you’re responsible for organising a memorable stag party to go down in history. It’s a mammoth task even if you want it to be low key. Here’s a step by step guide to help you :
First you need to find out who’s going. If there’s any awkwardness around obligations, ask the groom if the individual in question will make the stag do better, or if their absence will make the groom feel bad. If the answer is yes, they’re invited. Then all you need to do is contact the men to see if they’re wanting to join the stag party.
Plan the stag party for more than two weeks before the wedding day. Check people’s availability. with a spreadsheet of potential dates that suit the groom and ask for yes/no replies against each date. Get this list sent out as soon as you can. It’s likely that not everyone is going to make it.
If you’re going overseas, the stag party is likely going to cost more, so be aware of everyone’s budgets. It may be a blessing or a curse that trips abroad are likely to be less well-attended than UK-based parties. Some destinations have strict rules for public behaviour, so be sure everyone in your party knows the rules. One of your friends getting arrested might seem like a laugh, until he calls you from prison.
Stag Do Activities
Many pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants no longer accept stag groups, so call in advance to ensure you won’t be refused. If you want a night of lap-dancing clubs, casinos and a curry night in your stag weekend, it may be worth considering a company that will arrange guest list entry, table reservation and complementary drinks.
For a challenge, consider an activity during the day like Blind Driving, Paintball, Go-karting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rage Buggy Racing or Human Table Football.
Fancy dress, pranks, jokes and embarrassing the groom are traditional, but don’t go too far as you’re the one who’ll have to explain the consequences to the Bride. A good ice-breaker for the group is to have T-shirts printed with photos or nicknames. These also make it easy to find your friends if you get separated.

Final Tips
Remember to take the address and phone number of your accommodation out with you, to be sure you get back to at the end of the night.
Ask people to pay in advance so you’re not out of pocket if anyone has to drop out.
Look after the groom, he is your responsibility.
And remember: “Whatever Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour”